The word PROBUS is an acronym made up from two words PROFESSIONAL and BUSINESS and is the name given to clubs designed for the fellowship of those who have enjoyed careers in business and the professions, but have given up full time work.


Having spent an active working life mixing with like-minded colleagues, customers and clients, retiring can be daunting leaving one with a need for convivial company.  Probus clubs help overcome this offering the chance to meet new friends. 

We do not form part of a secret society, and have no religious or political leanings.


Radcliffe on Trent Probus Club was formed in 1980.  The club meets two-weekly on a Tuesday at mid-day to have lunch and usually listen to a speaker.  Topics cover a very wide range of subjects and can stimulate lively discussions. A number of members have also given talks in their specialised fields.


Outside visits and lunches are regularly organised away from our main meeting place of Ashmore's Restaurant, on Bingham Road, Radcliffe on Trent. 


So, if you want to meet a new circle of friends close to your home and would like to keep the brain cells active don't delay, contact us today.  Wives, companions and partners are always welcome to attend our social events and outings . 



Only £35 per year. New members may visit up to three times before deciding whether to join.